2016/11/01 Document Automatic extraction version

Recommended browser

Google Chrome is the fastest for the ccchart.


Bug at bar type in v1.12.03 - v1.12.05

  • v1.12.03 - v1.12.05 There is a bug that bar starting point position of the falls.(v1.12.03 - v1.12.05 にバーの起点位置が下がるバグがあります)
  • v1.12.02 is okay . v1.12.06 has been fixed a bug.(v1.12.02は大丈夫です。 v1.12.06はバグが修正されています。)

Current Release

2023/12/19 v1.13.001

  • add use strict. and fixed.

2017/08/20 v1.12.085

  • fixed markerRect metho
  • comment out _setRoundedUpMax

2016/08/31 v1.12.081

  • remove debug console.log. thanx yiida

2016/08/26 v1.12.08

  • fixed. Not plot If you do not specify a markerWidth in the scatter. issues/27
  • fixed the color bug. When the css-maru and css-ring in the scatter. issues/28
  • fixed the tooltip bug. issues/29

2016/02/18 v1.12.01

  • add type heatmap. issue
  • add config hm_grad. Gradation of config property. demo
  • add config outerCircle. Gradient outer radius default 30
  • add config innerCircle. Gradient inner radius default 1
  • add cchart.hmBox. div box to wrap ccchart canvas and heatmap canvas.
  • add ccchart.hmCanvas. canvas for heartmap.
  • add object ccchart.coj[idName] current ccchrt object. same as ccchart.ops
  • fixed className of ccchart canvas is '-ccchart'

2016/02/03 v1.11.06

2016/02/01 v1.11.04

  • add lineWidthSet. Specified using an array the width of the individual line. like the colorSet. added

2016/01/31 v1.11.03

  • fix about xScaleColor of scatter type.. fixed

2015/12/31 v1.11.02

  • fix about className of canvas. fixed
  • change ccchart.display"> changed

2015/11/17 v1.11.01

  • fix Css marker at the time of blank data fixed